Get ALL Fired Up!
About Living Your Dreams
(Revised Edition)

Do you know someone who has given up on his or her dreams? Do you know someone who should be living his or her dreams?

Then give him or her a copy of
Get ALL Fired Up! About
Living Your Dreams because as
you read this powerful book
you will discover inspiring stories,
practical advice, and proven tips for achieving your dreams.

As you enjoy Get ALL Fired Up!
About Living Your Dreams you
will learn how to:

  • Live the life of you really want to live
  • Overcome self-doubt
  • Know when passion is NOT enough
  • Deal with past regret
  • Set and achieve your goals
  • Overcome your self-defeating excuses
  • Be encouraged and empowered; motivated and inspired.

Get ALL Fired Up! also includes
insightful interviews, conducted by
Al Duncan, with people like you
from various walks of life. (A Desert Storm Veteran who is now an attorney, writer, and spoken word artist; a fashion designer and seamstress that is now a nationally recognized TV Personality; a former administrative assistant turned author and professional speaker...and other successful people living their dreams.)

The one thing everyone in Get ALL Fired Up! has in common is: They are fired up and ready to go because they are living the life they have dreamed about. They wake up everyday and get PAID to do what they love to do. And you can, too!
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