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9. So, (person’s name), if someone were to describe you in one sentence what would she say?

Another very thought provoking question. Normally it is best used later in the conversation. You're not interviewing someone; you're networking.


9a. If some were to describe your business/company/school in one sentence what would he say?

9b. What ways have you found to be the most effective for promoting your business/organization/product?

10. It’s the end of a great week and you have some free time on your hands – what would you do?

This question will take someone to a happy place and help you to know her outside of professional or academic life.


What do you like to do in your spare time?


The Million-Dollar Question:

What would make someone the ideal employee for your company or organization?

The information you glean from this answer is priceless. It will allow you to give a person exactly what he or she wants. It will also help you to position yourself as a great asset to the person and his company.


a. How would you describe the ideal client/customer/prospect/employee for your company/organization?

b. What would make someone a perfect fit for your profession/major/school/company/organization?

There is no need to memorize all 11 of these questions. Just start off with the 3 or 4 you like the most. Master them and then give the others a test run.

Keep in mind that no question in the world will help you be a better networker if you are not truly interested in the other person.

So, be interested, ask questions, and let the other person do the talking.

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