"You inspired me when you came to my school on Martin Luther King Day. You're hilarious and i love your book, My Success Journal!!!!!"
Rian W.
Milton Hershey School

"Dear Mr. Duncan,

Remember me? I'm the one who won the  book when you spoke at our school, Central High School.

Your speech was tight. Earlier this week they told us that we was going to have to  listen to another speaker and all of us  were like come on, not again!

We been listening to all kinds of speakers. They was all talking about the same thing and I didn't want to sit through no long boring speech.

But as soon as we checked you out me and my friends could tell that you was kinda different.

All of us was glad you didn't stand there preaching about what we was supposed  do. For the first time ever I felt like I was  the one in control of my life and I could
do whatever I wanted to as long as I made the right choices.

...nobody fell asleep. You made it fun, and not boring and I hope my friends realize what can happen when they make the wrong choices. I was wondering why they called you the inspiration now I see why. I've never heard a speaker like you bro. Thanks and I hope you come back again."

Central High School

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"Al, you are doing wonderful things for our young people. What you are doing will help people begin to think."

Marva Collins
Legendary Educator, Author, and subject of the major motion picture
The Marva Collins Story


"We had Al Duncan come out yesterday. He was PHENOMENAL! The kids loved him, the teachers loved him, and the administrators loved him."

Miranda Combs
Graduation Coach
Ninth Grade Academy Coordinator
Lithia Springs High School

“I liked Mr. Duncan because he kept it real. I liked his stories. Most of the time speakers make me feel like I'm getting a lecture but he was down to earth. He helped me to understand that life is all about choices and that I always have a choice. I like that because I feel like sometimes adults can't understand us. But he knows were we are coming from. I wish Mr. Duncan was my big brother."

Rasheda Wells

“This is best by far the BEST speaker we've had on our campus. His message was important, presented clearly and we had nothing but positive remarks from the parents and students that heard his presentation."

Jack Liston
Guidance Counselor
Lamar County Comprehensive H.S.

"Al Duncan was our speaker, and he was the best EVER. He did a great job."

Sister Helen McCulloch, RSCJ
Arch Bishop Carroll High School

"He is the best speaker that I have ever heard....I was really touched by
his words that he said..and he was a bunch if fun. he was amazing!"


Woodward Academy

"It was very interesting and helpful."

"I loved it! Al was fun! He was great! Very motivating."

"I liked it a lot. Al was a kool speaker. It was educational."

What They Say About Al
What Al Speaks About
Al Duncan - High School Speaker

“When they heard he was coming, our students voluntarily came to see Al! He quickly captivated our multicultural population… He used valuable information and entertaining and eye-opening stories about today’s youth and their culture to show them how to succeed in today’s competitive labor market…Al ‘The Inspiration’ Duncan is lives up to his name. He is a captivating speaker and an amazing person.” 

Greg Hopkins
Kansas Juvenile Correctional Facility



"...you are an exceptional speaker with the ability to really connect with our young people in special way.  You did an outstanding job of reinforcing and driving home the principles we want to instill in our cadets.

Our cadets have found your book, My Success Journal for Young People, to be inspiring and insightful. It’s a great resource for helping them to create a plan for accomplishing their goals. The tools that you shared with them, as well your professionalism and character, are something that all of our cadets around the country could benefit from.

I look forward to having you back again."

(CW5) Chief Louis Joseph, Director
National Guard

"Definitely one of the best speakers ever at west leyden. Not the usual just telling us wat to do stuff, bur actually something that makes you think and decide what we need to do. thanks."
Jose Samayoa
High school student

Stone Mountain Middle School

"I enjoyed how he kept the crowd alive. He put stuff in a way that kids and adults can understand."  --Isaiah

"He liked to talk with excitement. He enjoyed speaking to us." --Badou

"What I like about his speech was that he was being honest with things." --Jordan

"I like that he treated us like grown ups and not kids." --Nicole


"Dear Mr. Duncan,

Thank you so much for coming to speak to us at Youth Day!

Not only were our young people inspired, but so were the staff members in attendance.

You spoke to the youth on their level and it meant a lot to them. They were impressed by your caring and fun-loving attitude towards them. I appreciate your words of encouragement and kindness.

You are the best and most well received motivational speaker we’ve ever had. The youth expressed how much they enjoyed hearing you speak (and sing!)

Again, thank you!"

Shaunda Guidroz
Youth Program Coordinator
Vernon Career Solutions, Inc.
Al Duncan
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