The Competitive Advantage:
Secrets of Exceptional Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Duncan Nugget® #53: Hard skills—technical ability—get you an interview. Soft skills—such as proven leadership ability—get you the job…and the promotion.

According to research, the skill employers most desire from potential job candidates, regardless of your major or profession, is proven leadership ability.

If you want to Rise ‘N Thrive™ in the 21st century job market you must learn how to use the skills of great leaders and entrepreneurs.

Getting people motivated…turning ideas into reality…dealing with stress, pressure, and responsibility…those are the challenges facing young leaders.

In this empowering program you will learn how to:

  • Prove that you are an exceptional leader regardless of your level of experience.
  • Develop your Leadership Brand.
  • Use the #1 skill all great leaders have.
  • Use 3 simple ways to build your leadership skills.
  • Develop your UDV--Unique Degree of Value.
  • Understand the REAL power of knowledge.
  • Discover the one choice all great leaders have to make.
  • Create opportunities for yourself.
  • Increase your earning potential.

Formats: 45, 60, 90 min. keynote or half day seminar

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The Competitive Advantage:
From Great Student Potential to Exceptional Student Performance

Duncan Nugget #214: You might get praised for your potential, but...
You only get PAID for your performance.

Dealing with the pressure and stress… overcoming the obstacles… staying motivated and on course… that’s the real challenge for most students.

Whether you are a first-time college student that’s still getting the hang of things or...

An experienced college student that just needs a “tune-up”, this engaging, empowering program will help you turn your limitless potential into outstanding performance.

Think about being able to:

  • Set and ACHIEVE your goals
  • Begin finding your purpose
  • Maximize academic performance
  • Minimize stress and pressure
  • Understand exactly what motivates you the best
  • Improve your concentration
  • Get the most out your study time
  • Increase your personal productivity
  • Get on track and stay on track
  • Kick procrastination in the butt once and for all!

Formats: 45, 60, or 90 min. or half-day seminar

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The Competitive Advantage:
The Power of Personal Branding

WARNING: This could be the difference between you getting the job or someone else getting YOUR job.

Whether it’s college, graduate school, the marketplace, or the workplace, you already know it’s a crazy, crowded, and competitive. But do you know how to differentiate yourself?

Do you really know how to stand out and stick in the minds of clients, customers, and decision makers?

Personal branding is about much more than first impressions and how you dress. It's about what you do and what you say. It’s about what you deliver and what they think.

Finally--the truth about how to market and sell a priceless product--YOU:

  • Stand out, stand apart, and stick in their minds.
  • Develop your UDV--Unique Degree of Value™.
  • Be more confident and charismatic.
  • Put yourself in HIGH demand.
  • Consistently exceed people’s expectations.
  • Increase your power of attraction
  • Be more in control of what people say and think about YOU.
  • Learn three things that are guaranteed to kill your chances BEFORE you even get the interview.

Formats: 45, 60, 90 min. keynote or half-day seminar

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The Competitive Advantage:
Harnessing the Power of Diversity for Maximum Success

Duncan Nugget #317: One of the keys to success in today's world is valuing yourself and the diversity of others. People are priceless.

Whether it is academic, professional, or business, success in today’s world is a matter of diversity.
One study involving tens of thousands of undergraduates from selective colleges and universities found that almost two-thirds of the students felt that diversity helped them learn to live and work in harmony with people from different cultural, social, and personal backgrounds.

Awareness is not enough. You must develop the skills for effective leadership and communication in a diverse world.

In this engaging, enlightening, and empowering program students will learn to:

  • Maximize the power of diversity.
  • Develop cross-cultural and cross-generational communication skills.
  • Understand how diversity influences personal beliefs and values.
  • Know how diversity impacts your perceptions and choices.
  • Be conscious of how diversity can drive behavior.
  • Reduce the barriers to change and cooperation.
  • Embrace a new awareness of the value of diversity.

Formats: 45, 60, 90 min. keynote, half day or full day seminar

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The Competitive Advantage:
Dealing With Stress, Pressure, and Toxic Emotions

Duncan Nugget #239: Stress kills. It kills peace of mind, good grades, and good health.

What do you do when the pressure starts building up...  when deadlines are coming up... when life is coming at you from every direction and you're too stressed out to chill out? The fear of failure, tension, and toxic emotions fill the air; logic and peace of mind go out the window!

STOP. Take a deep breath. RELAX. Now say, "Never again."

As you experience this entertaining and empowering seminar you will learn how to:

  • Put stress to rest using the Eleven Stress Slayers.
  • Handle the pressure.
  • Conquer the fear of failure.
  • Make positive use of negative thoughts.
  • Control your state of mind in the heat of the moment.
  • Use a three-letter word to get you unstuck now!
  • Manage your toxic emotional reactions.
  • Beat test anxiety!

Formats: 45, 60, or 90 minutes keynote

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"Mr. Duncan, I know it was meant for me to be here at the Multicultural Leadership Retreat so that I could hear your life-changing keynote and your great workshop.

I heard about the retreat at the last minute, but I can honestly say that if I didn't come and hear you I'm not sure what I would have done about continuing in school.

Thanks for showing us how to create a vision, identify our values, and find our purpose in your keynote speech yesterday and thanks for showing us how to create a strong personal brand today in your workshop.

Now I know how to set my goals and actually attack them and achieve them. Al Duncan stay up and keep going.


Calvin Whitehead
Pre-Med Student
Wartburg College

“Mr. Duncan, I really enjoyed your presentation because it actually was a ‘breath of fresh air’.

There are a lot of ‘entrepreneurs’ who talk about how they made it and that the way THEY did it is the way to go.

You told us what type of mindset you should have to be successful, period. And you showed us how to develop that mindset. We need more people like you.”

Gregory Reddick
Alpha Phi Alpha
African-American Student Union
Georgia Tech

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The Competitive Advantage:
Secrets of Exceptional Young Entrepreneurs and Leaders
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The Competitive Advantage:
From Great Student Potential to
Exceptional Student Performance
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Great for Orientation!


The Competitive Advantage:
The Power
of Personal Branding
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The Competitive Advantage: 
Harnessing the
Power of Diversity for
Exceptional Performance
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Great for Orientation!


The Competitive Advantage:
Dealing With Stress and Pressure
in School and Life
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"You recently spoke during an assembly we had a couple of weeks ago and I'd like to thank you for the advice about writing down the things you plan to do.  Needless to say it has helped out a lot, and my grades are looking a lot better.  With nothing, but A's and B's it's practically guaranteed I'll be able to keep my scholarships.  So thank you again for coming over and giving some helpful advice."
Gerrick Sands
Claflin University

"The students of SC State really enjoyed the encouraging words of wisdom. You opened not only my eyes, but the minds of others eager for success. You really got to the bottom of the secrets of some of the greatest entrepreneurs and taught us some valuable lessons. We are going to take them and use them or success. Thanks Al Duncan for your inspiration."

Ariel Singleton
Campus Activity Board, Advisor
South Carolina State University

"Al "The Inspiration" Duncan

Thanks so much for providing us with your wisdom and knowledge.  You were very inspiring and played an intricate part in my emotional high.  I feel like i can take over, but it all starts with the belief, a thought and service.  People in Jersey City are in need of hearing such a gospel, to hear someone who believes in them as opposed to the stats.  Thanks for providing a new birth in me."

Joseph Nyamwange
East Stroudsburg University


"Dear Mr. Duncan,

My name is Gisselle and I'm a Criminal Justice student at Johnson & Wales University.  I enjoyed listening to you speak on Thursday night.  It was definitely motivation for me in pursuing my future goals.

Can you please email me the notes from Thursday night?  I definitely want to have those secrets of success.  Thank you very much and good luck with your future endeavors.  The youth of this generation need people like you to push them to the fullest extent to achieve greatness.  Thanks again."

Criminal Justice student
Johnson & Wales University

"Hey Al,

I definitely enjoyed meeting you and attending your seminar.

I have learned so much about myself and you have helped me see things in a very different perspective, a better perspective and for that I deeply thank you.

I had fun and I enjoyed your attitude and energy and your excitement. I do hope that our paths do cross again, so until then stay up and stay strong. Thank You."

Yishak Habtemichael
University of Missouri-Rolla


"Al, I want to take this time to thank you for a wonderful presentation, a wonderful evening and most of all for inspiring us. What a prefect fit!

The students were elated as well as the faculty and staff of IMU. I want to also say that your inspiring message not only achieved our expectation but reached into our personal lives and with much gratitude I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Robin B. Chamberlain, RDCS, FASE
Executive Director
Institute of Medical Ultrasound (IMU)


"Al Duncan was high content and extremely impactful. Students loved Al Duncan because he was extremely practical and personable.

For instance, Al's keynote address provided our student-body with practical steps to improve their personal effectiveness and leadership qualities.

His 'Duncan Nuggets' proved to be an instant hit as one student wrote, 'I loved Al, he had very common sense ideas that people simply overlook. His Duncan Nuggets are everyday phrases you can take with you for a long time, and he will converse with you after the event.'

Simply said, Al Duncan has style and substance."

Lionel L. Bailey, Asso. Director
Center for Leadership Development
Tarrant County College


"Al,thank you for your great speech and inspiration. I learned a lot from your speech. It was my honor and pleasure to meet with you... Thanks for sharing."

(Moon) Yue Hua Li
School of Management
Syracuse University



"Mr. Duncan:

Thanks for being a great speaker.  I was happy to be part of the audience.  You're very inspiring... I hope to see you in the near future!"
Karen Yau
Student Multicultural Diversity
University at Albany
What They Say About Al
What Al Speaks About
"Al literally set our group on fire. Students did not want to leave even when the fire alarm went off!"

Monica L. Greene
Trio Program, Director
Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College
"Al Duncan was outstanding! We loved him. His message was empowering and inspirational."

Isaiah Z. Kelsey, President
Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc.
Johnson & Wales University

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