The Magic Of Exceptional Communication for Parents™:
How to Motivate and Communicate with Young People

“How do I get him to be more motivated?” “How can I get them to do what they’re supposed to do?” “How can I get through to her?”

From parents to caseworkers; from teachers to volunteers; anyone working with young people is constantly plagued with these types of questions. Well, you can get some answers…right here.

Of course, you already know that there's no perfect solution but...this program is based on
Al Duncan's work with nearly one million young people, hundreds of youth programs, and dozens of personal interviews with some of the top minds in the field of youth development. You will learn a set of universal communication techniques and principles that can help anyone to motivate, empower, inspire, and communicate better with young people.

Imagine being able to...

  • Reach the unreachable.
  • Engage the disengaged.
  • Decode how the young mind operates.
  • Get young people to do what needs to be done with LESS resistance.
  • Understand what motivates your young people the best.
  • Be more helpful during Emotional Ups & Downs.
  • Breakthrough the communication barriers and bridge the generation gap.
  • Help your teen have higher self-esteem and be more self-motivated.
  • Understand why the “When I was your age…” speech doesn’t work.
  • Create engaging, fun, and empowering programs for teens.
  • Use the #1 skill for effective communication with young people.
  • Increase your "cool" factor (without undermining your authority.)

Formats: keynote, half, or full-day seminar
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College (Dis)Orientation for Parents™:
Surviving Your Kid’s College Transition Without Going Bonkers

“Oh, my God! My daughter is starting college and I am losing my mind!”
--Hard-Working, Concerned Parent

Maybe you aren’t as freaked out as that parent or…maybe you are. Either way, helping your son or daughter start his or her college journey is a time of mixed emotions. Excitement and high hopes
on one hand… (Now we can turn his room into an office!) Sadness and worries on  the other… (My baby is leaving. Sniff, sniff.) The question is: How do you survive and help your kid thrive?

In this engaging, enlightening program you will learn:

  • How to help your child get off to a great start.
  • What is most stressful for college freshman.
  • How to balance being supportive with doing too much.
  • The culture of today’s college campus.
  • How to help your teen become a better decision maker.
  • The three types of college parenting styles.
  • How to help your son or daughter get a great internship or job.
  • The three things that freshman are most concerned about.
  • How to be a concerned parent without being an annoying parent.
  • The number one reason many students drop out of college.
  • How to let go.

Formats: keynote only
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"Al, you are doing wonderful things for our young people. What you are doing will help people begin to THINK."

Marva Collins
Legendary Educator, Author
Subject of the major motion picture
The Marva Collins Story


"On behalf of the Southwest DeKalb PTSA and community, thanks for being the keynote speaker at our 10th annual Academic Banquet last week... we had a full house with more than 700 people in attendance to hear your presentation.

Your comments were well-delivered and very well received.  You made a very positive impression on the students and were able to engage them in your talk, even though it was a packed house crowd.

...parents and other adults in attendance also commented that your presentation gave them something to think about too!

Thanks again."

Wayman Smith
South West Dekalb PTSA
Enrollment Services

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The Magic of Exceptional Communication for Parents™:
How to Motivate and
Communicate with Young People
(keynote, half, or full-day)

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College (Dis)Orientation for Parents™:
Surviving Your Kid's College Transition Without Going Bonkers
(keynote only)

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"Mr. Duncan presented a very informative seminar that was well attended by parents and students...He quickly connected wit the audience with his outgoing, upbeat, organized, and easy to follow style. Mr. Duncan possesses a very approachable personality which led to many of the participants staying after the program to thank him and to ask questions. 

In addition, Mr. Duncan demonstrates a great deal of energy and enthusiasm in his work, maintaining the audience's attention and interest. Mr. Duncan displays superior skills and abilities as a public speaker. His presentation was enjoyable... and I highly recommend him as a speaker."

David G. Traylor
Guidance Counselor
LaGrange High School

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Stop! Here's a word of caution:

If you are looking for a plain old boring speaker to give your young people a sleeping pill disguised as a lecture then don't read the rest of this.

If you do a little bit of research on the words Professional Motivational Speaker you'll find the following:

professional- [n] person prepared for work by extended study or practice.  EXPERT, adept, artist, artiste, authority, master, powerhouse, proficient, virtuoso, whiz.
See also: Al Duncan

motivational- [adj] influential, inspirational, persuasive, stimulating.
See also: Al Duncan

speaker- [n] elocutionist, keynoter, orator, speechmaker.
See also: Al Duncan
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" Al's concepts are unique, practical, and fairly easy to use. Al Duncan is a very clear, well-spoken, and fine educator. It was so enjoyable to sit and learn with such a motivational and articulate man."
KymMarie Sheffrin    
Al Duncan
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