Constant Elevation: 7 Questions to Keep You on Point

Q: Mr. Duncan, how do you stay on point? How do you make sure that if you’re on the road to success nobody can pull you off?

A: One of the harshest realties is:

How your life turns out is all on you. No excuses.

People and the environment have a significant impact on your development, but for the most part you have control over where you go and the people that play a major role in your life--especially your friends and peers. You have complete control over your attitude about what happens to you.

Here are a set of questions that I ask myself at least once a month to make sure that I have the right attitude and stay in a state of constant elevation. Answering them in writing will help bring clarity and keep you focused.

1. With whom am I spending most of my time?

2. How are they influencing my behavior?

3. How are they influencing my thinking?

4. How are they influencing what I say?

5. How are they influencing my health? Are they stressing me out? Are they abusive in any way?

6. What do they have me becoming?

The Million-Dollar Question: Are all of these things helping me to elevate myself?

If the answer to the million-dollar question is “no” then it’s time to change the people with whom you spend most of your time. I know that’s not easy, but who ever said elevation was easy?

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