Self-Development Articles

A Lesson On Failure

A State of Mind Called
Time Pt. III

A Lesson On Leadership from Jackie Robinson

A Poverty of Ambition  

Turning Setbacks Into Comebacks

A Lesson on Making Excuses from A, G, Gaston

A State of Mind Called
Time Pt. I

A State of Mind Called
Time Pt. II

Incarcerated: 4 Walls That Limit Success Pt.I

Master the Lesson

It’s In There Somewhere

Seize the Opportunity

Who made you do it?

You better think, think, think!

Something for Nothing

Just Turn The Doorknob

Words of the Wise: Self-Development

Time for action


Does this stuff really work in the heat of the moment?

Al, what are soft skills and why all the fuss about them?

Motivating employees that have low-paying jobs but provide a necessary service.

What's the difference between persuasion and influence? When is it better to use one or the other?

Why is it that when you come in contact with someone from your past you revert to old behavior?

What are the benefits of being an individual, as opposed to someone who just wants to be like everyone else?

I have just come to the realization that I'm addicted to feeling like a victim...

Why is it so easy to muster up the strength and energy for unimportant situations (petty arguments) and not for important situations.

...multitasking. Does it work?

How do you maintain your focus in accomplishing multiple tasks ?
Part I

How do you maintain your focus in accomplishing multiple tasks ? PART II

Hey Al! Exactly what is a state of mind?

What comes first, action or motivation?

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A Lesson On Failure

Your amazing words of truth

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Three Keys to Connecting with Youth

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Taming the Beast
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Mental and Emotional Mastery Articles

With friends like these

Emotions and Your Health: Anger

Attack of the Killer ANTs

Blind Spots: Insight for Self-Awareness


How can I manage to be professional when I cry every time I get angry or upset?

What's more important- EQ or IQ?

How do you take control of your emotions instead of letting your emotions take control of you?

I am as emotionally involved with my businesses as I would be with any personal relationship. Should a boundary be drawn and if so what type?

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Self-Development Quotes

Duncan Nugget #184: Self-development is the cultivation of your potential. Consistent self-development is the foundation of noteworthy achievement and fulfillment in the personal and professional aspects of your life.

Duncan Nugget #185: Not to be confused with a temporary change in your behavior to fit your circumstances, self-development is the catalyst for transformation from deep within you.

“The limits of knowledge in any field have never been set and no one has ever reached them.”   --Ptah Hotep

“Education is the great engine to personal development.” 
--Nelson Mandela

Youth Development & Empowerment

Millennials: Raised in the Age of Fallen Heoroes?

Three Keys to Connecting with Youth

How to Tell Your Story in Professional Settings

Building Self-Confidence in Five Steps

In Plastic We Trust: 4 Keys for Smart Credit Card Use

The Spitting Image

My Trip to Gulf Coast after Kantrina



Constant Elevation: 7 Questions to Keep You on Point

Your amazing words of truth wrote about delayed gratification. Can you offer more insight on the topic? I think...

Finding it hard to get motivated and focused

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Communication Articles

Million-Dollar Networking Questions

Life and Death Situations

Identity Crisis: The Wrong Label on the Wrong Can


What can I do to help my son's father?

How do you politely get away from someone who keeps yapping away with one sob story after another?

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Self-Development Quotes

Duncan Nugget #186: The power of self-development will enable you to triumph despite unforeseen challenges and unexpected changes. The more you work on self-development the more it will work for you.

Duncan Nugget #187: Self-development should be a perpetual process. In life you are either growing or rotting. You’re moving forward or backwards; there is no standing still.

“Men are anxious to improve their circumstances, but are unwilling to improve themselves.”  --James Allen

“When I discover who I am, I’ll be free.” --Ralph Ellison

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