Incarcerated: 4 Walls That Limit Success Pt I.

Have you ever been incarcerated?

Of course you have. I have. Everybody has. At some point in time all of us have locked ourselves up mentally and emotionally. (By the way if you were really were incarcerated, my bad for the flashback!)

Time and time again you and I have wrongfully convicted and incarcerated ourselves but...

Break out the wrecking ball! Today is the day that you knock down the walls that limit success.

There are four walls that confine us and keep us from being truly self-empowered; four walls that cause us to lose time, money, healthy relationships, and overall well-being.  These walls are:

1. Lack of Awareness
2. Limiting Beliefs and Values
3. Negative Environment
4. Toxic Emotions

Lack of Awareness

“What you don’t know won’t hurt you.”

Garbage, garbage, garbage.

Every once in a while that statement maybe true, but the fact is the more awareness (especially self-awareness) you have the more control you have over your direction in life.

In fact you can’t even knock down the other three walls that we’re talking about unless you have a certain level of awareness. If you don’t know anything about it, how are you supposed to do any thing about it?

I wrote an article called Blind Spots that gives a lot of tips on how to increase your self-awareness. When you apply these tips to other scenarios your overall awareness will increase dramatically.

Miyamoto Musashi—arguably the greatest samurai that ever lived and author of the Book of Five Rings—wrote “see that which cannot be seen”.

All day long I’m constantly asking myself, “What else do I need to be aware of?” By constantly asking yourself this question, tons of facts and ideas about people, places, and things that would have passed you by are now at your disposal and…
The walls begin to crumble.

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