Q: How do you maintain your focus in accomplishing multiple tasks ?

A: In order to "focus" on multiple tasks you could use what I call the Good Cook Model.

This model for focusing on multiple tasks is utilized by a great deal of ridiculously successful people. I nicknamed it the Good Cook Model  because this what any good cook, from a professional chef to Big Mama (translation: your grandmother) does to get the job done efficiently.  (By the way,I  used be an Executive Chef).

Step One: Order or shop for food (translation: tasks that you have to do) as far in advance as is beneficial.  Sounds simple, right? Around the time of Thanksgiving  how many times have you seen or heard about someone scrambling at the last minute? What are they doing? Trying to thaw out a frozen turkey overnight! 

If you don't have some type of planner or little gizmo to keep a record of what's going on in life, get one.  If you have one...use it.

Professional sports teams have their schedules planned out far in advance. Colleges and universities have their course schedules together 3-6months in advance. Ask you average millionaire what they have planned for the next year or so and they can answer you.  If you're not at least 90-180 days out then you're leaving a lot to chance.  As the expression goes "The only way to predict your future is to create it". 

Doesn't it seem as if people like Oprah always have everything that's possible to plan, planned out? I know, I know... but Oprah is so busy and successful that she has to plan everything out, right?  Well, here's a question for you.  Do people become successful and then pick up successful habits or do they have successful habits and then become successful?

Plan ahead in writing.

See: How do you maintain your focus in accomplishing multiple tasks ? Part II for Step 2.

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