It’s In There Somewhere

“One’s work may be finished someday, but one’s education never.” 
-Alexander Dumas

Most people act like guidance, advice, and education are all about stuffing something into someone else’s head. This isn’t the case. The word educate originally comes from the Latin word educare which means to draw out. Think about that.

Million Dollar Question: How many times have you been looking for a solution to a problem, found it, and realized that you knew the answer all along?

By drawing out the best in a person, a great coach, speaker, teacher, parent, or friend helps the individual realize that he or she was born with the internal resources needed to succeed.

As a matter of fact, as you read Duncan Nuggets you’ll notice that the articles and Q&A are written in a manner that develops self-empowerment by helping you to draw on your internal resources. My goal is always to help you think critically and take effective action. 

Read the quote at the beginning of this article again. 

Because there are infinite possibilities in you, your education is never over. There’s always more to be drawn from your inner well.

So, even if you’re faced with complex challenges and seemingly insurmountable obstacles keep in mind: there’s a very good chance that the answer is already inside of you. You may need a little guidance to get it out, but it’s in there somewhere.

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