A State of Mind Called Time Pt. II

“There's time enough, but none to spare.” -Charles W. Chesnutt

How much is your time worth? If someone wanted an hour of your time how much would it cost him? How about a month of your time? A year?

Since your time is worth so much, it’s time to think about your time in a different manner. (By the way if the number you came up with was your yearly salary, it’s time to think BIGGER.)

Stop spending your time; start investing your time.

This isn’t another tired speech about not wasting time. You already know whether or not you waste your time. You already know you can’t get that time back. This is about carefully taking into consideration what the possible Return On Investment could be or the losses you could incur for the time that you are using. 

If you were to invest $500 dollars in a commodity—let’s say it was gold—you would be expecting to receive a good ROI, right?

It’s supposed to work the same way with your time but far too many people haphazardly spend (waste) their time (and money) on anything or with anyone. And that’s a serious problem.

Million Dollar Question: What do you get in return for MOST of your time?

Think of the last five things you’ve done. (Can you even remember?)

What was the ROI? Knowledge? Peace of mind? Money?

Proper relaxation? (Watching I Love New York II doesn’t count as proper relaxation!)

For most people the answer is usually nothing or “I don’t know”.

That’s just plain old pitiful. Pi-tee-ful.

Here’s an expression that I hate: Free time. (Not to be confused with time freedom.) Since when has time been free? Do you believe that “time is money”? Really?

I do. Time is most definitely money. That’s one of the reasons why so many people are broke or bankrupt. They espouse that principle but they aren’t faithful to it. How about you?

I don’t think of it as spending my time reading or working. I don’t think of it as spending time with my family or spending time having fun. It’s an investment of my time in the commodities of achievement and fulfillment. Think about that.

People frequently ask me: "Al, where do you find the time?"

They want to know how I am able to speak over 100 times a year all across the country, write dozens of articles, maintain a blog and a website, run two businesses, serve on two boards, chair a steering committee, volunteer for hundreds of hours per year, and still have plenty of time for my family and chillaxation.

The answer is simple: I don't try to find time; I make time. I don’t spend time; I invest time—wisely.

By spending one less hour per day surfing the web or watching TV, you will have an extra 28-31 hours per month to invest in achieving your goals.

By the way it’s not really about the words “spend” and “invest”. Who cares which word you use? This isn’t about semantics; it’s about your state of mind. Remember the...

Million Dollar Question: What do you get in return for MOST of your time?

Here’s the bottom line:

Every so often during the day ask yourself “Is there something else that I could be investing my time in that will produce a better ROI?” More than likely, the answer will be “yes”, so make time to do it. It's time to invest your time and reap the rewards.

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