A State of Mind Called Time Pt. I

“Life is a short walk. There is so little time and so much living to achieve.” 
-John Oliver Killens

Whether it’s quality time, playtime, game time, family time, me-time, real time, study time, daytime, nighttime, wrong time, or the right time, one thing is for sure- sometimes it seems as if life is all about time, doesn’t it?

Time is a state of mind. Don’t believe me? Of course you do. You know the truism ‘time flies when you’re having fun’. And you know that the last 15 minutes before you get off work can seem like 15 hours.

You also know the old adage- treat everyday as if it were your last. Sage advice indeed, but for most people this is a lofty and unsustainable state of mind.

There are a few principles, however, within reach that can help you to ‘use your time wisely’. (Okay, I promise- no more over-used clichés about time.) 

What we’re going to talk about has nothing to do with time management in the popular sense. This is all about your perception of time. The way you treat and think about time.

Most people are always trying to find time. But the thing is- it’s impossible to find time. It doesn’t work that way.

You can find your keys. You can walk down the street and find some money. But you can’t walk down the street and find an hour. You don’t go to the lost and found when you’ve lost precious time.

You do not find time; you make time.

One day I was sitting in front of my computer completely engrossed in my work. Suddenly, I was snapped back into reality as Renee, my wife, walked into the room.

She playfully asked, “What about me?”

“Huh? What do you mean- what about me?”

“I would like some quality time.”

Five minutes later, feeling slightly ambivalent, I pried myself away from my work to fulfill Renee’s request.

So what was the result? A great evening and now we’re expecting our first child!

Million Dollar Question: Did I try to find time for her?

No. I made time for her. There is always:

  • Another speech or talk to give.
  • Another article to write.
  • Another client to coach.

And on the less productive side- there is always:

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