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  • Another TV show to watch.
  • Another movie to watch.
  • Another nap to take or sleep to catch up on.

So with all of your priorities and things to that “need“ to be done, how do you make time? One word-


People love Gray’s Anatomy and missing an episode would be blasphemous! A workaholic, like me, giving up work time- sacrilegious!

Well, ten years from now the fact that you missed an episode, or two, of your favorite TV show won’t have any effect on your life. Neither will sacrificing a little bit of work time for family time. (No- watching TV when you should be working doesn’t count as sacrificing.)

How about the marriage saving time you could’ve spent with your spouse?

How about the book you could’ve finished, the networking event you could’ve gone to, or the part-time business you could’ve started?

What about the life changing conversation you could’ve had with your child?

Make time.

Make time for the people you care about. Make time for your hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

“But I just couldn’t find the time.”

What a pitiful excuse. I know you’re better than that otherwise you wouldn’t have made the time to read this article.

Sacrifice and enjoy the rewards.

We’ll pick up this conversation about a state of mind called time next time.
(Part two will be posted shortly.)

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