Chillaxation, A Two-Legged Dog, and Flying Without Radar

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The owner said the first thing she had to do was get Faith to believe that it was possible.  That's right even dogs have to believe it before they can be it.

This whole thing blew my mind.  I kept thinking the same thing over and over again. "No excuses.  If a biped dog can learn to walk upright, you have no excuses, man.  No excuses." I was also thinking, "Now that's what you call real dogged determination."

The lesson here is even in the non-human animal world, it's still ALL mental!

On another note, I had a speaking gig in Brooklyn last Tuesday.

On the way back my plane was delayed.  Same old story, right?  I mean... nowadays it seems as if I have a better chance of seeing a two-legged dog walking upright like a human than I do of seeing an entire roundtrip flight with no delays.

There were no problems with the plane, the weather, or the crew.  I was on the seat, the seat was on the plane, the plane was on the runway, and the runway was on... lockdown. 

No planes were being allowed to leave LaGuardia International Airport because there was problem with the radar in the control tower.  It wasn't working so they wouldn't be able to track the planes after take off.  No way they were going to allow that to happen.

While I sat there for the 45-minute delay, it dawned me on that goal getting works the same way. (Notice I didn't say goal setting). 

Maybe your goals are all written out, you know where you're headed, and you're ready for take off. 

But, if you don't have radar, a way to precisely track and monitor your flight, then the control tower (your mind) needs to ground everything or you're taking unnecessary risks. Think about that.

Are you flying without radar? How can you precisely measure your endeavors?

Look, I love talking to you so, we'll pick up this conversation on goal getting in another article of the week.  Right now I have to go. Got another delay to catch...oops...I mean plane to catch.

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