Taming the Beast: 9 Keys for Mastering Your Anger

One of the most popular movies of all time is Walt Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. The Beast, who used to be a prince or something of that sort, had great difficulty in controlling his manners and his anger. 

Although there was a charming gentleman inside of him who knew the right way to behave, Beast often felt powerless and believed that there was little he could do in regard to his behavior. After all, he was a beast, right?

Eh…not quite.

Many people have a similar problem. They think things like:

“Well, that’s just how I am”

“What problem? I don’t have a problem.”

“I wouldn’t be mad if he didn’t make me mad!”

Why do people do this? Because… 

It’s easier to make excuses about behavior 
than it is to change behavior.

Think about that.

Taming the Beast is no joke. Therefore, before we talk about these 9 keys for mastering your anger, here are a several things you should know: 

a) It’s not always the anger that’s the problem; it’s the behavior that accompanies the anger. 

Suppression and over expression of anger are two different roads leading to the same destination. Complete suppression can destroy relationships, lead to bad health, and ruin outcomes in similar fashion to over expressing anger.

b) If you have serious anger issues then some of these keys may be difficult to use on your own. If so, you may need to see a coach or a therapist.

c) If you’re reading this with the intention of helping out a child or adolescent, it’ll be helpful if you read Getting Through: 7 Keys for Motivating and Communicating with Tweens, Teens, and Young Adults , which will be posted soon.

The starting point for mastering your anger is the same starting point for bringing about many types of change. It begins with…

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